Logos & Branding

logos-and-brandingBranding is about expressing the characteristics of your company and what your company stands for. It’s about communicating the traits and values that define your company. And, it is about creating an identity for your company that ultimately creates a specific perception in the minds of your clients.

Your brand includes obvious items such as your logo and company colours, but it is more than that. For example, your company’s reputation for quality, your ability to meet deadlines and deliver products in a timely manner, your focus on consistency in delivery of services and products, and your focus on great customer service also contribute to your brand. Ultimately, a great brand—well delivered and properly maintained—creates awareness for prospective customers, and develops loyalty in existing customers.

At Leech Printing, we can help you create, develop and manage your visual identity and brand, and to promote your brandon through specific marketing programs and campaigns.

If you are a new business looking to create a bold first impression, or an establish company wanting to refresh your look, we can help.

Our services include

  • Brand audits & analysis of existing marketing materials
  • Visual identity / logo design, including detailed
  • Specifications documents (fonts, colours, variations)
  • Slogan development
  • Brand reveal / roll-out

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