Some 20 years after Cecil Leech started his printing business—The Leech Letter Co.—in 1927, the company created a publishing division known as Brandon Publishers, which still exists today within Leech Printing Ltd.’s corporate structure. While we don’t market Brandon Publishers, Leech Printing has a strong reputation and has developed—excuse the pun—a storied history of printing and publishing numerous publications.

Over the years, we have produced several community newspapers—the Rivers Gazette and the Shilo Stag to name a couple. Additionally, we’ve worked with countless groups and individuals throughout the province to create dozens of annual tourism guides, hardcover history books, cookbooks, school yearbooks, novels, family history books… the list goes on and on. We’ve proudly produced thousands of publications and books over our 92-year history. They are a growing and effective way to communicate—even more so when partnered with an online version. And we do both!

Leech Printing is particularly proud of our tourism publications. For over 60 years we have printed and published annual tourism guides, working with individual communities as well as regional groups.

This edition of Imprint features custom publications and outlines a step-by-step process to guide you through the entire publication development process from concept to completion to distribution! Have a publication idea? Contact your LP Sales Representative for a free quote.

Michael Leech
Leech Printing Ltd.