A logo speaks volumes about who you are as an organization. It’s an important component of your brand, creating a strong visual identity that your customers can recognize and relate to. A logo helps differentiate your company from your competition in the minds of your customers.

In our experience designing logos, there are five traits (among many) that every logo must possess in order to be effective. Let’s take a look.

  • Simple           Avoid overly complicated designs. Simple logos are easier to reproduce on a variety of media.
  • Memorable    Set yourself apart from your competition by creating a logo that leaves a lasting impression on your target audience.
  • Versatile        Consider how a logo will look across all media — print, web, video, advertising, and large format — and in different colour formats.
  • Scalable         Look great at any size. A logo needs to be easily scalable for small or large applications.
  • Timeless        Avoid being trendy. Your logo needs to be as relevant in five years as it is today.

How does your logo measure up? At Leech Printing, we can help you create, develop and manage your visual identity, and promote your business through specific marketing programs and campaigns. If you are a new business looking to create a bold first impression, or an established company wanting to refresh your look, give us a call.