When it comes to custom publications, Leech Printing can do (and has done!) it all. From planning, advertising management, designing and illustrating, to printing, marketing, online promotion and distribution, we can help you create the perfect magazine, tourism guide, history book, paperback, cookbook or custom publication.

The Initial Consultation ensures we are all on the same page from the beginning.

Overall goals and outcomes for the publication
Publication plans
Printing and marketing options

Concept, Design & Layout
In the hands of our talented team of graphic designers, we’ll move from solid concepts to creative and innovative designs.

Typography choices
Colour palette
Overall theme and look
Imagery and graphics

For advertiser-supported publications, we can work with you to develop a strategy to fund your project. We’ll help with:

Advertising sizes and prices
Ratecard design
Advertising sales, design and client proofing

Illustrations &  Photography
We can design eye-catching illustrations and source engaging photography to enhance your publication.

Affordable stock photos
Custom maps
Charts & diagrams

Copy Writing & Editing
Using in-house staff and third-party writers and editors, we can provide:

Copy writing & editing

The Right Finish
At Leech Printing we offer many cover finishing options to make your publication stand out from the crowd.

Gloss coating
Soft Touch laminate
Sleeked foil elements
UV Coating

A Quick Guide to Available Binding Options

Plastic or Metal Coil
Great for manuals, workbooks, and cookbooks. Allows pages to lie flat.

Plastic Comb
Similar to, but more cost-effective than coil binding. Lots of colours!

Perfect Bound
Pages are glued to the wrap-around cover. Great for paperbacks.

Saddle-Stitched (Stapled)
A common choice for magazines, newsletters, and guide books.

The ultimate cover option for history books, photo books and yearbooks.

Contact us today for a free consultation and quotation on your next publication project.