In the world of corporate events, visibility drives engagement. By employing a variety of techniques and products, Leech Printing can help you gain the exposure your organization needs, and also drive engagement leading up to and after your next trade show or event.

Start Planning

About eight weeks ahead of the event, put your plans in place.
Order Trade Show Displays & Accessories – Make a lasting impression with quality signage, banners, displays and more. Accessorize with podiums, shelving, and accent lighting.
Create or Update Sales Materials – Spruce up your sales sheets and rackcards with up-to-date product and service information, or create custom documents specifically for the event. Make sure you have an ample supply of business cards — you’ll need them! Contact your Leech Printing Sales Representative for pricing.
Order Promotional Products – Visit to view our range of advertising specialties. Remember that these items often require 3-4 weeks to produce and ship.

Create Interest

Planning is the key to a successful event. Meeting face-to-face with great prospects can’t occur if qualified clients are not in attendance. Use these Leech Printing services to spread
the word.

Email Campaigns – Send a personalized email to your current customers letting them know about your next trade show appearance. Include an incentive to attend — e.g. a free draw for email recipients only.
Direct Mail – As a Canada Post Partner, Leech Printing can create and send direct mail to a specific region, housing type (e.g. residences, apartments, farms), or demographic group. This approach is great for reaching new clients.
Online Promotion and Special Website Content – Update your website with event information and promotions. Schedule online advertising to drive potential customers to your website and social media. Leech Printing can help you capture the power of online advertising, such as Google Ads, to promote your event.

Engage Attendees

When the day arrives, your efforts to encourage attendance will be realized.

Collect Contacts – Get your prospects to “opt in” to receiving promotional emails. Use a computer or tablet to collect info on the spot. Leech Printing can provide you with an easy-to-use online signup form. Or, we can create a simple paper-based signup form.

Follow Up

After the show, follow up with each attendee based on interests and needs. Use the same methods you used with your current clients prior to the show: email campaigns and direct mail. Nurture your new contacts quickly so that these warm leads don’t go cold.