Website development always requires a focus on how the end user will interact with the site. At Leech Printing, we keep the following concepts in mind during the design process. How does your website measure up?

Is the main navigation consistent throughout the entire site?
The user shouldn’t feel lost while browsing.

Does the website have a natural flow?
The user should be able to browse from section to section effortlessly.

Does the website load quickly?
A user that is able to quickly find what they’re looking for is a happy user.

Is the main purpose of the website obvious?
This should be evident to the user within three seconds of the website loading.

Is the most important content also the most visible?
Content in the top left of the screen is seen first, so important information belongs there, eg. the company logo.

Website looking tired? Need help keeping information fresh and up to date?
We do websites! Ask your Sales Representative about our Website Design and Maintenance programs.